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What Is Imprinting in Birds?

Birds have extraordinary capabilities – very different in many ways from mammals, and all aimed at flying efficiently, keeping safe, getting food, and reproducing. We used to think of bird brains as the lowest thinking machines in vertebrate life, but … Continue reading

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Notes on Surviving in the Wild

In recent years, an observer I trust has reported some interesting wrinkles on the behavior of wild raptors – specifically, a family of Red-tails, a family of American Kestrels, and a family of Cooper’s Hawks, all in the fields and … Continue reading

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August 21, 2015 Are Gulls Smarter than Hawks?

NO GUARANTEES! A friend who knows more about human thinking than anyone else I know (and who pursues that form of enlightenment with a remarkable brain) has been writing me from Monhegan Island in Maine where she’s vacationing. She has … Continue reading

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Avian Biological Systems

Articles: The Avian Respiratory System; Raptor Vision, Parts I & II – some of the graphics in these articles are adapted from textbooks and reference articles.  November 2013 The Avian Respiratory System  Immature Turkey Vulture Nares  The avian respiratory system, … Continue reading

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Adaptations for Flight

revised March 11, 2014 Adaptations for Bird Flight Eagle Flight The first animals to develop powered flight were prehistoric insects. Their wings are not at all like those of vertebrate flyers, either bird or bat, and their flight patterns, even today, … Continue reading

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