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Zorro: Part II – What He Does, What He Knows

What Zorro Does Now That He’s Free There is a vast, bright, rich world where Zorro lives – an explosive world of sight and action and swift, acute comprehension. It is ever out of my reach. But here are some … Continue reading

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The Second Life of Zorro

The Second Life of Zorro Part 1 – Can this Red-tailed hawk be saved? In May 2016, Zorro hatched somewhere in the agricultural fields south and east of Sacramento, California. While still a nestling, he was struck down by West … Continue reading

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What Is Imprinting in Birds?

Birds have extraordinary capabilities – very different in many ways from mammals, and all aimed at flying efficiently, keeping safe, getting food, and reproducing. We used to think of bird brains as the lowest thinking machines in vertebrate life, but … Continue reading

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Power & Beauty: Camouflage

This creature is the Soybean Looper (Chrysodeixis includens), a moth considered a “pest.” In parts of the world, it decimates soybean crops. Also likes to munch on members of the cabbage family. Chrysodeixis is a “scientific” word-conglomerate that indicates “golden … Continue reading

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What Do We See?

Pt. Reyes National Seashore, with its hundreds of protected creatures peacefully sharing the world with us, is a magical relief from human cares. Over the years, I’ve seen, locking antlers in the autumn, Tule Elk, once killed off here and … Continue reading

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Notes on Surviving in the Wild

In recent years, an observer I trust has reported some interesting wrinkles on the behavior of wild raptors – specifically, a family of Red-tails, a family of American Kestrels, and a family of Cooper’s Hawks, all in the fields and … Continue reading

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Little Orphan Louie, the Red-tail

  In June 2015, Louie, a baby Red-tailed Hawk, came to the California Raptor Center from the Stockton-Lodi area. A Good Samaritan who works at the Micke Grove Zoo found him in a park, covered in burrs. He looked dead. … Continue reading

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August 21, 2015 Are Gulls Smarter than Hawks?

NO GUARANTEES! A friend who knows more about human thinking than anyone else I know (and who pursues that form of enlightenment with a remarkable brain) has been writing me from Monhegan Island in Maine where she’s vacationing. She has … Continue reading

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June 30, 2015 Flying Free Redux

Ave atque Vale, My Dear Six-Pak In February, after decades of study and rehabilitation work with raptors, I became an apprentice falconer. My first task, and one I needed to do quickly to get in a full four months of … Continue reading

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January 20, 2015 Flying Free

Flying Free A Visit to the Green Hills of Central California  On a recent drive in the Central Valley where we were monitoring Golden Eagles, a falconer friend and I saw a number of wonderful raptors, among them a gorgeous Ferruginous Hawk … Continue reading

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